Simply focused on the best
Gold Coast property management.


Property management. It’s all we do, and we do it well.

Locate Property are experts in Gold Coast property management, operating without the distraction of being a jointly sales
focused agency. This means we are 100% focused on taking care of your property investments.

With a team of dedicated, experienced Gold Coast property managers equipped with the latest systems and technology, our Gold Coast
landlords experience the highest level of personalised service.


Each of our Gold Coast property managers is an expert in their field. Principal, Christina Longstaff, has been in the industry for over 15 years with extensive knowledge of the Gold Coast property management market.


We deliberately keep the number of properties under our management to a smaller size. Our landlords know their manager and we know their properties.


Our state-of-the-art property and tenant management system and app means we can work effectively and deliver service, transparent communication, reporting and results for our landlords.


Non-traditional and personalised approach to marketing focused on getting your property starring online and attracting the right tenants at the right time.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Rob Finn
Rob Finn
I had the privilege of getting to know Christina for a period of time. Christina is an amazing Property Manager, very Courteous and Professional! She goes above and beyond for both her Tenants and her Owners! She takes pride in knowing she has these relationships with all of her clients! I would give her 10 stars if there was the option!
Kate George
Kate George
Christina from Locate Property Gold Coast is an excellent Property Manager. She knows the legislation, manages difficult situations well. If you are looking for a new Property Manager I cannot recommend Christina enough
Bobk Bobby
Bobk Bobby
Christina demonstrates the highest calibre and professionalism. As a principal she is very approachable, friendly, helpful, transparent, have detailed knowledge and are experts in her guidance and help! Christina has certainly made property management stress free for us. She genuinely cares for your property and understands the market her guidance and helpis evident in the outcome of her timely deliverables. With Christina from Locate on your side your not just a number she responds to calls and emails she knows what service is needed. Will never change our management again.
Naomi Wooler
Naomi Wooler
Having worked along side Christina, I can 100% confirm that there is nobody I would trust more to manage a property. The dedication, hard work, time and effort Christina puts into not only her owners and their Properties but her tenants and staff is unmatched. Her wealth of knowledge and insight on properties, legislation and the market is incredible. If you are looking for a property manager then look no further then Christina as I can assure you she is the best of the best.
Trish Chandler
Trish Chandler
Please call Christina if you want the best service on the gold coast. You won't be disappointed with this little pocket rocket.
Diane Wislocki
Diane Wislocki
Cristina is one of the best property managers I have had. We rented a house through Christina and she couldn't do enough. I found her to be very professional but friendly.
Minas J Samios
Minas J Samios
I've had the pleasure of working with Christina at Locate Property Gold Coast, and she's truly set the bar for property management. Her unmatched attention to detail, proactive communication, and genuine care for both properties and their occupants makes her an industry standout. Christina's expertise and dedication gives peace of mind knowing that any property she looks after is in the best possible hands. Highly recommend!
leanne horsten
leanne horsten
Christina is professional , honest, friendly approachable and cares for the properties to a high standard for both Tenant and Owner Christina knows and follows the legislation and is in a very high league of property management services around She is Prompt with maintenance, communication is exceptional Christina is honest, bubbly, and has a huge heart , however also can be firm when required Choosing Christina to manage your property will be the best decision you will ever make to ensure your investment is being well cared for. And Tenants, if you want a fair property Manager, look no further...

How we do it.


We employ a meticulous tenant sourcing process, leveraging comprehensive background checks, rental history assessments and in-depth interviews to ensure the perfect fit for your property.


We conduct thorough and meticulous inspections of your property, employing a systematic approach that encompasses every aspect of its condition. 


Our comprehensive property maintenance services encompass a proactive approach, where we efficiently handle all maintenance tasks, from routine upkeep to unforeseen repairs.


We provide comprehensive reports with an in-depth overview of financials, occupancy status, maintenance updates, and other crucial insights, ensuring landlords are fully informed.


Our insurance provides financial protection against risks, including property damage, liability issues, and rental income loss, ensuring that landlords have comprehensive coverage.

How we can get started.

Embarking on a successful partnership is easy – simply reach out to us online or contact our Gold Coast property management office directly. Our team is ready to guide you through a seamless onboarding process, ensuring that you experience the best in property management services from day one.

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