Meet Christina Longstaff.

Christina Longstaff, principal and licensee of Locate Property Gold Coast, brings a unique blend of legal insight and real estate
experience to the Gold Coast real estate industry. Her journey from a background in criminal and family law to a thriving real estate
business has positioned her as a modern and innovative real estate thought-leader and was recently rated as a Top 5 Property Manager on the Gold Coast 

A legal foundation

With a foundation in law cultivated during her studies at Swinburne University, Christina embarked on her legal career by working
in a criminal and family law practice. This legal background has proven to be the perfect foundation for her role as a modern real
estate principal. Her analytical prowess, attention to detail and intricate understanding of legal matters provide her with a distinct
advantage in navigating the complexities of the real estate landscape.

Seamless transition to real estate

Recognising that her personality and skills were better aligned with the world of real estate, Christina made the pivotal transition by joining Barry Plant in Melbourne, Victoria. Since moving to Queensland more than six years ago, Christina has held a variety of roles in the real estate industry that have demonstrated her versatility and skill. From starting at the reception desk to assuming senior property management positions within national and international franchise groups, Christina’s career trajectory reflects her commitment to learning every facet of the industry.

Entrepreneurship leads to ownership

Christina’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to own and operate her own real estate business, and her journey ultimately led her to the
Locate brand – a perfect fit for her exceptional talent and experience. As the Principal and Licensee of Locate Property Gold Coast,
Christina is one of the most reputable Gold Coast property management agents and she has built strong, trusting relationships
with her clients. Throughout her real estate career, she has earned a reputation for being tenacious, diligent and an excellent

It is no surprise that Christina’s clients have discovered that she consistently goes above and beyond what they expect, delivering
great results with high profits and low vacancy rates.

Locate Property Gold Coast is Christina’s blueprint for the Gold Coast property management industry. It exemplifies Christina’s
guiding principles, commitment and high-quality service. You can be confident that working with Christina at Locate Property Gold
Coast, you will soon discover why she is so highly sought after.


Christina has over 15 year’s
of experience in business
development, sales and
Gold Coast property

Christina brings all of this
experience into Locate
Property, where she
continuously delivers
exceptional results to her
clients on the Gold Coast.


Christina has a passion for
providing her landlords
with a personal and reliable
property management

With an unquenchable
desire for excellence,
Christina will not stop until
she provides her clients with
the best possible results.


It’s not uncommon for
property managers to treat
you as ‘just another client.’
This is not a philosophy that
Christina shares.

Christina ensures your needs
and concerns are always at
the forefront of her mind.

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