Christina Longstaff is the licensee of Locate Property Gold Coast and an experienced real estate principal with first-hand knowledge of the changing Gold Coast real estate market, particularly for first-time home purchasers, as written about the best suburbs for first home buyers on the Gold Coast

Christina has now released her list of the top 5 Gold Coast suburbs that first-time home buyers should consider when deciding where to choose a location that will enable them to enter the real estate market, hopefully simplifying the process for first-time home buyers in Gold Coast.  

Being adaptable is Christina’s primary advice for first-time home buyers on the Gold Coast, a vast and diverse region. Remember that this is only your first house, not your forever one. Beachfront neighbourhoods like Mermaid Beach and Broadbeach Waters have benefited from buyers’ desire to live as close to the seaside and major cities as possible, but there are other suburbs in close proximity to those types of suburbs that have not witnessed the kick in values.

  1. Southport

In the past, neither Southport nor the neighbourhoods around it have been first choice Gold Coast suburbs, yet, it is reasonably priced, features smaller blocks, and demand has increased significantly due to the location’s convenience and the employment options nearby. 

Pricing Statistics:

$920,000 for homes and $555,000 for apartments is the median cost.

Weekly median rent: $590 for apartments, $750 for houses 

  1. Upper Coomera

Upper Coomera, is situated on the northern end of the Gold Coast and offers a comfortable commute to and from Brisbane and the Coast.

The suburb is still reasonably priced for both homes and apartments and is a family friendly suburb with great amenities.

Additionally, there are a lot of brand-new properties there, giving Gold Coast first-time homebuyers additional options. 

Brand new properties may also be eligible for Queensland’s recently increased first-home owner grant.

Among all Gold Coast suburbs, Upper Coomera has one of the best affordability-to-livability ratios for both homes and apartments. 

Pricing Statistics:

Houses had a median price of $800,000 and apartments of $581,000. 

Rent on a weekly basis: $680 for homes, $615 for apartments 

  1. Ashmore

Ashmore is a definite suburb to watch in 2024. It is close to suburban areas with significantly rising values, such as Broadbeach Waters and provides nice-sized blocks.

The suburban area of Ashmore is older. Many houses date back to the 1970s will undergo extensive renovations or will soon need to be demolished and replaced with new buildings, which will likely see prices increase across the suburb, but make it a great option for first home buyers looking to enter the Gold Coast market now.

Pricing Statistics:

$930,000 for homes, $573,000 for apartments is the median price. 

Weekly median rent: $582 for apartments, $800 for houses 

  1. Nerang

Nerang may be the ideal location for you if you are a first-time house buyer searching for a family-friendly suburb to call home.

Nerang offers great lifestyle additions such as adorable cafes, trendy stores, and craft brewers. 

Due to being inland, its price tag is still more reasonable than other Gold Coast communities.

Nerang still consistently lands as one of the Gold Coast suburbs leading both affordability and liveability.

Pricing Statistics: 

Houses averaged $800,000, while apartments came in at $526,500. 

Weekly median rent: $520 for apartments, $700 for houses 

  1. Labrador

If you are looking for affordable beachside bliss, Labrador might be something to think about in 2024.

As Labrador is a seaside area, it is perfect for first home buyers looking to capitalise of the Gold Coast’s lucious beaches.

When compared to other beach towns like Surfers Paradise and Burleigh Heads, Labrador is still more reasonably priced, making it a realistic option for first home buyers. Gold Coast has amazing beaches and Labrador is still offering those entering the market a chance to be able to live nearby. 

Because of its proximity to several shopping centres, a hospital, and Griffith University, it is frequently ranked as one of the greatest Gold Coast suburbs for families.

Pricing Statistics:

$890,000 for homes and $570,000 for apartments is the median cost. 

Weekly median rent: $560 for apartments, $720 for houses.

Christina Longstaff, recently recognised as one of the Gold Coast’s top property managers, is a well-known expert in the real estate and property management sectors. You can get in touch with Christina Longstaff HERE for more guidance and information on Gold Coast property management.